Founder and CEO, Brenda Ahenkorah


Brenda Ahenkorah's critical health issues were the inspiration for the launch of My Well Self.

After working in R&D for over 17 years of her career and founding of a successful clinical trial patient referral firm, Brenda had gone through severe health issues related to miscarriages, depression, anxiety and insomnia and made a decision to turn to health wellness in complement to conventional medicine but in her quest to find a trusted health wellness circle of care she quickly realized there was no centralized space that served as a standard to find information and treatment based on her own health needs.

Not accepting endless pages of google searches, posting private health details in unanonymous social networking groups for information and spending thousands of dollars before finding her trusted circle of care as a norm, My Well Self was founded to offer millions of Canadians like Brenda, the opportunity to make better informed decisions in their health and mental wellness journey.



We are on a mission to make My Well Self the #1 on line resource for health and
mental wellness information and access to health and mental wellness providers


Brenda Ahenkorah
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Jeff Benoit
Chief Business Officer


Mohsin Intazar
Chief Technology Officer


My Well Self Inc. is supported by influential and credible supporters

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