Removal of a Review on My Well Self

If you want to dispute a review on My Well Self, please keep in mind that we understand that negative reviews can be frustrating.

We at My Well Self feel that our moderation processes helps everyone by ensuring that the reviews appearing on My Well Self comply with our Terms of Service.

Reasons NOT to dispute a review:

  • Opinions and Personal Experiences: Reviews are personal experiences and the opinion of the author. Unless the review violates the My Well Self Terms of Service, it will not be removed.
  • Factual Disputes: The author certifies that their review represents their own experience. Any claims of libel, defamation or dispute of facts is between the doctor and their patient.
  • Mediation: My Well Self does not mediate disputes between doctors and patients.

After reading the Terms of Service and reviewing the above, if you still feel that the review is in violation, you can dispute a review.

If you have any questions or comments about this Removal of a Review, please contact us at: dispute@mywellselfcanada.com