Tackle Your Anxiety With These Grounding Techniques

Have you ever noticed, when you are anxious, you are either rummaging about the past or worrying over the future? You get so caught up in your thoughts that you feel you are literally living them.  You’re not alone as dealing with managing anxiety is more common than you think.

Grounding techniques can be a big help as a holistic approach to dealing with your  anxiety.  The grounding techniques force you to focus on now, centering around your present, giving your mind and body the time it needs to calm down.

There are a lot of grounding techniques you can try as a holistic approach to dealing with your  anxiety.

Tackle your anxiety instantly with these steps!

  1. Hold on to an object

A smooth stone, a small toy, a pillow- choose an object that comforts you and is handy. Hold on to it while you’re drifting away in your thoughts. Try to focus on the feel of the object, the texture, the look, the shape of it.

  1. A warm cup of tea or coffee

Pour your hot beverage in a cup and hold it in your hands while it is still warm. Notice how the warmth coming out of it feels. Enjoy your cup sip by sip so you can appreciate every mouthful.

  1. 5-4-3-2-1

This method requires you to focus on all of your senses. Take a moment to list all the things, visualising the details so you enjoy talking about it and experiencing it.

  1. Five things you can see
  2. Four things you can feel
  3. Three things you can hear
  4. Two things you can smell
  5. One thing you can taste

4. Talk about your favourites

Make a list of your favourite things- movies, flowers, destinations, colours, meals- it could be anything. If you run out of one category, simply move on to another.

5. Full-body meditation

Bring awareness back to your mind and body. You either sit or lie down to practice.

  • Close your eyes & focus on your breathing
  • After giving it 30 seconds, shift the focus slowly to all parts of your body starting from the top with your head to going down all the way to your feet.
  • Notice the sensations, pressure, tingling- see if they feel bad or good.
  • As you focus on one part, try to relax it and then move on to another.
  • Once, you reach the bottom, start from there to go to the top.
  • Continue the cycle till you feel calm and relaxed.

  1. Detach yourself from the panic

Talk to yourself, remind yourself of the now, narrate the reality of who you are and where you are at that moment. Add some facts to your self-talk so they act as a mantra. The idea here is to detach yourself from the stress that is triggering the attack.

The next time you feel the onset of anxiety, try any of these grounding techniques as a holistic approach to dealing with your  anxiety.  For more information and help on how you can tackle your anxiety feel free to ask a vetted holistic health practitioner and seek treatment suited to you.