Understanding Nutrition: Empowering Employees with Proper Nutritional Insight

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Weight gain is a touchy subject. 30% of adults aged 18 and older in Canada are obese and 35% are overweight. The obesity rate is expected to increase by 0.6% in 2024. But we are not talking about weight here, we are talking about nutrition in the workplace and how it can help you and your workforce to lead a healthier life. 


A critical part of health, good nutrition means your body gets all the required nutrients, vitamins, and minerals by eating a healthy and balanced diet. Proper nutrition helps in;

  • Maintaining good energy levels
  • Protection against age-related diseases
  • Key to good physical and mental well-being


Investing in employee health is an investment in the success of your organization. Prioritizing employee nutrition enhances employee well-being and contributes to a more engaged and focused workforce. Here’s how you can support nutrition in the workplace and empower your employees.


1 . Create awareness

Educate your workforce about the importance of healthy eating, understanding food labels, portion control, and making balanced food choices. Empower them to make informed dietary decisions through workshops, seminars, or sessions led by nutrition experts.


2. Provide access to healthy food options

Evaluate the food options in the workplace cafeteria or during company events. Partner with local food vendors who provide healthier food options or introduce healthier menu options that include fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. Also, ensure that water is readily accessible.


3. Offer designated eating spaces

Encourage a workplace culture that supports regular meal or snack breaks. Provide designated meal space where employees can refrigerate and reheat food. This allows them to mindfully enjoy their meals and depend less on quick takeaway options.


4. Implement wellness programs

Organizing initiatives centered around wellness and wellbeing including healthy eating can positively build healthy habits. You can also offer rewards to motivate participation and sustained engagement.


5. Encourage physical activity

Physical activity may not be directly related to nutrition, however, it complements healthy eating habits and lifestyle. You can offer gym memberships, organize fitness classes, or encourage your employees to walk or bike.


Taking a holistic approach to employee wellness is a must. Foster a workplace culture in which health and well-being are positively reinforced. Whatever steps you take to empower your employee well-being including supporting employee nutrition in the workplace, take feedback for effective results.



Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog or any linked material is not intended and should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. For holistic health advice and consultation, visit My Well Self



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