Use Your Health Benefits to Upgrade Your Well-Being with Data Insights and Virtual Support

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We'll help you develop an action plan and set appropriate goals to move your well-being forward. 

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How it Works: Delivering You to Your Best Well Self

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Create an Account

Create your free account and complete your health profile.

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Personal Health Wellness Assessment

Take your personal wellness assessment and score your well-being.

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Book Virtual Consultation

Book your virtual consultation with your preferred health advocate.

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Preventative Treatment

Receive a personalized well-being treatment with 1:1 ongoing support

Track Your Progress and Receive Actionable Data Insights

Easily self-assess how your well-being rates and receive immediate personalized feedback with tailored well-being treatment to address any areas of well-being where they may need extra support.

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We Work With a Variety of Well-Being Providers

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Committed to Your Well-Being

Our network of wellness providers want to inspire and enable you and out your well-being as their priority.

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Screened and Vetted Credentials

All providers are screened which means we confirm status with their reported Regulatory Board or Professional Association.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We work hard to ensure that all faces of life are represented not only in care but for those that offer care.

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Personalized Preventative Care to Help You to Your Best Well Self

Our registered nurses who act as your personal health advocates are here to help you uncover what may be causing your symptoms.

Preventative health plays an important part in the healthcare system but we cannot serve all symptoms especially those requiring medical intervention and urgent care.

Work with My Well Self to Address Issues like:

Sleep Disorders
Back pain
Hot Flashes
Irregular Menstruation
Muscle Spasms
Recurrent UTIs

Seek medical intervention and urgent care for issues like:

Increasing Heart Pain
Severe Pain
Worsening Migraines
High Fever
Shortness of Breath

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