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We make accessing personalized wellness treatment painless, fast and easy!

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Let our support team help in your wellness journey to find the best wellness treatment for you

You Deserve To Be
Your Best Well Self

Bettering your health is not a "one-size-fits all" approach so why would this be the same for your wellness treatment?

At My Well Self, we take a personalized approach to your wellness journey and do our best to match you with the wellness treatment suited to you based on data driven results.

And what's great is that the vast majority of wellness providers are covered by your health benefits!

From Naturopaths or Chiropractor or Psychotherapists, we support you on your wellness journey to your better well self.

At My Well Self, We Care

We Care
About Quality

All providers are screened and vetted to confirm good standing with their regulatory board or professional association.

We Care
About Details

All providers have an in depth profile allowing full visibility including social media details so you understand their philosophies.

We Care About
Your Experience

With our support team available as an option, we help you find the best wellness treatment and help book a consultation visit with ease.

We Care About
Trusted Information

There is alot of information out related to health and mental wellness but what can you trust?

Get general wellness advice from accredited support to help you make better informed decisions.

Our happy and well customers say it all

This platform is great! I was having a hard time finding local wellness care to improve my nutrition and hormone imbalances. I found local care and someone who is covered under my health insurance plan.


Vancouver, BC

I was struggling to find a Naturopath who dealt with women's health issues and mental health and happened to find My Well Self online. I found my Naturopath and one who takes direct billing too and provides virtual care!


Calgary, AB

It literally took me 5 minutes to find a local chiropractor on My Well Self for shoulder pain I was experiencing.


Toronto, ON

We help health wellness and mental wellness providers gain more online visibility and book more appointments easier.

Whether you practise on your own or you are part of group clinic, we help find you find you high intent patients and deliver them right to you.

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